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Accurate pH measurement and determination in deep-sea environments by an in-situ pH sensor calibration device 会议论文
1, OCEANS 2016 - Shanghai, 10-13 April 2016
Authors:  Chunyang Tan;  Kang Ding;  Wencai Yang;  William E. Seyfried
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An in-situ chemical sensor system for cabled ocean observatory applications at hydrothermal vents 会议论文
1, Washington D.C., 2015-10-19~2015-10-22
Authors:  Chunyang Tan;  Kang Ding;  William E. Seyfried;  Giora Prosknrowski
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An occurrence of H2 in silicate melt inclusions in quartz from granite of Jiajika granitic pegmatite deposit, China 会议论文
1, 美国, 2014.6.15-2014.6.17
Authors:  Jiankang Li;  I-Ming Chou(周义明)
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The formation of Yichun Ta-Nb deposit, China through fractional crystallization of magma as indicatedby the fluid and melt inclusions 会议论文
1, 美国, 2014,.6.8-2014.6.13
Authors:  JIANKANG LI;  SHENGHU LI;  I-Ming Chou(周义明)
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Recent developments on the calibration of Raman spectroscopic systems for quantitative analyses of geological fluids 会议论文
1, 美国, 2014.6.8-2014.6.13
Authors:  I-Ming Chou(周义明)
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The Perspective of Deep-sea Science Research and the Establishment of Modern Hydrothermal Laboratories in China 会议论文
1, 成都, June 14-16, 2013
Authors:  I-Ming Chou(周义明)
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Applications of Optical Cells with Fused Silica Windows to the Studies of Gas Hydrates 会议论文
1, 成都, June 17-19, 2013
Authors:  I-Ming Chou(周义明)
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Redox control and measurements in hydrothermal experiments. 6th National Conference on Ore-forming Theories and Prospecting Methods 会议论文
1, 桂林, Nov. 15-19, 2013
Authors:  I-Ming Chou(周义明)
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In Situ Measurements of the Raman Shifts forν1Symmetric Stretching Band of CH4 Between -180 and 350℃with Densities up to 0.45g/cm3in Optical Cells with Fused Silica Windows 会议论文
1, 成都, June 14-16, 2013
Authors:  SHANG Linbo;  I-Ming CHOU;  HU Ruizhong;  BI Xianwu
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